Grow your company and maintain business continuity with a revolving line up to $3M

A low-cost alternative to traditional debt

Keep a capital cushion to draw from and pay only when you start drawing funds.

Peace of mind

Empowering you to make immediate, essential payments as you grow your startup.

Flexible working capital

On-demand access up to $1M in revolving working capital.

Why choose Lighter Capital?

Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive debt capital to start ups. Over the past decade, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars into growth companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lighter Line of Credit is a non-dilutive startup financing solution that is a flexible and revolving low-cost alternative to equity or venture debt. The Lighter Line of Credit provides startups with access up to $1M in monthly working capital as a cushion to pay for regular business operations while you focus on growing your company. With a line of credit, you can draw funds on demand when you need it and you only pay for the capital once you start drawing on it—and only while it’s drawn.

The minimum qualifications we look for include:

  • Tech companies (Software, SaaS, tech services, etc.) with Accounts Receivables
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is an average minimum of $15,000
  • Based in the U.S. or a subsidiary in the U.S.

A Lighter Line of Credit gives entrepreneurs a capital “cushion” with access up to $1M in working capital on demand. A Lighter Line of Credit is a flexible low-cost non-dilutive alternative to traditional equity and venture debt providers. You only pay for the capital when you start drawing on it and only while it’s drawn.

In comparison, a Lighter Revenue-Based Loan gives borrowers access to growth capital with variable monthly payments based on monthly net cash receipts—adjusting for the ups and downs of your company’s performance.

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"Lighter Capital met our capital needs perfectly at this stage of our growth. The whole process was transparent, quick, efficient, and allowed us to keep our focus on growing the company."

Marion Lewis, CEO of BoardBookit

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