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The SaaS entrepreneur's guide to calculating and using the Customer Acquisition Cost Ratio.

Dave’s Rules: 5 Principles for SaaS Analytics

Lighter Capital recently hosted a webinar on SaaS metrics with our own Investment Director, Branden Harper, and David Ryan, the founder of SaaS Optics, a provider of financial tools for managing SaaS, software, and other subscription-based and recurring revenue businesses.

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This post will walk you through the two common schools of thought on how to calculate monthly recurring revenue churn (MRR churn) for your SaaS business.

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Customer Churn Rate (CCR) is an important metric when analyzing how effectively you’re keeping your customers happy and coming back each month.

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Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is an important metrics you should be tracking in a subscription-based SaaS business. Here's how to calculate MRR.

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In the process of raising capital? Here are four key metrics you should track, along with what they mean for your business and your investors.