Brandon Nett & Joe Wallin

Brandon Nett is the Managing Director at Anderson Tax. Brandon is an experienced transaction focused CPA serving start-up and VC backed organizations in the Pacific Northwest. He creates value through efficient tax structuring of investments and start-ups, supporting periods of high growth and rapid change with balanced and practical tax advice and guidance, and assisting all stakeholders in understanding and optimizing tax matters from start-up through exit. Connect with Brandon on LinkedIn.

Joe Wallin is a leading startup lawyer in the Pacific Northwest and the founder of the Law of Startups. He represents companies from inception to exit, as well as investors, executives, and founders. His practice focuses on startups and emerging companies, angel and venture financing, and M&A transactions. Follow him on Twitter @joewallin

S Corporations Founder Stock Benefit

Setting up an S Corporation? Watch Out How It Affects Your Founder Stock

Thinking of setting up an S Corporation? If you are starting a business, be careful not to rush to set your company up as an S corporation without first considering the qualified small business stock benefit. Here's why.