BJ Lackland

BJ Lackland has spent nearly 20 years as an investor in and executive at startups, raising or investing over $200 million. As an investor he’s been a VC, an angel, and is now the CEO of Lighter Capital, where he has overseen over 400 alternative investments in early stage tech companies. As an executive, he’s been on the executive team of three companies, including as the CFO of a public energy tech company. Connect with him on LinkedIn, and follow him on Twitter @bjlackland.

A Sustainable Way Forward for Online Lending

Federal Reserve Bank of New York released findings from its 2016 small business credit survey. One of the big takeaways? Small businesses really don’t like online lenders.

Lighter Capital Named Fastest Growing Private Tech Company in Washington

Lighter Capital is named one of the fastest growing private companies in Washington along with 100 other local startups.

Lighter Capital makes the Inc. 500 List for the first time!

Lighter Capital is on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in the US, growing 1,144% over the past 3 years.

Lighter Capital Raises $100M to Fuel Emerging Tech Companies

Lighter Capital announces a new $100 million fund with Community Investment Management (CIM), focused on funding lenders that provide capital to startups.

Congratulations to Three Lighter Capital Clients for Raising VC Funding!

Congratulations to our clients for raising VC funding! We’re always excited to hear when companies we funded go on to thrive and raise additional funding.

A Hidden Pitfall of Convertible Debt: Full Ratchet Anti-Dilution Rights

Here we’ll look at another hidden pitfall of convertible debt—the fact you’re giving investors full ratchet anti-dilution rights, which burns founders in a down round.

Multiple Liquidation Preferences: The Hidden Trap of Convertible Debt

Everything today's entrepreneur needs to know about convertible debt and the hidden multiple liquidation preference.

3 Core Values We Believe in SMB Online Lending

Here are three core values that Lighter Capital believes in helping to drive the online lending industry forward. We call it Capital-as-a Service, a way of providing capital that better serves the entrepreneurs.