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How to Attract Potential Buyers for Your Startup

It’s a question on the mind of many entrepreneurs. Namely, ‘how can I make my business attractive to potential acquirers?'

A Hidden Pitfall of Convertible Debt: Full Ratchet Anti-Dilution Rights

Here we’ll look at another hidden pitfall of convertible debt—the fact you’re giving investors full ratchet anti-dilution rights, which burns founders in a down round.

Which Kind of Valuation Do You Need and When?

Valuation comes up constantly in reference to startups. But it can be confusing because sometimes the same word is used with very different meanings.

Multiple Liquidation Preferences: The Hidden Trap of Convertible Debt

Everything today's entrepreneur needs to know about convertible debt and the hidden multiple liquidation preference.

4 Reasons Why Too Many Angel Investors Can Be Problematic

Examining the potential danger of having too many angel investors. Here are 4 reasons you’re better off saying no to some of these so-called opportunities.