Interactive Tool to Predict Recurring Revenue

[Partner Blog] How to Forecast Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue seems pretty simple on the surface, but just because recurring revenue is “predictable,” that doesn’t mean forecasting recurring revenue is easy.

Inaugural Founder and CEO Summit 2021: More Than Money

The launch of our Inaugural Founder and CEO Summit was the first of many in-person events to educate and foster connections between entrepreneurs.

What Startups Need to Know About Seeking Financing During the Pandemic

As you navigate this challenging new terrain, we want to help. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you evaluate the best financing options for your business—today, and in the long-run as you continue to reach for growth milestones.

7 Ways Your Startup Can Thrive In A Tough Economy

In the span of a few short months, the entire global economy has changed. Luckily, tech and SaaS companies are ideally positioned to ride out this economic uncertainty. In this post, we’re taking a look at 7 ways you can thrive during this time as a growing startup.

Know and Maximize Your Runway

Your runway is the amount of time you can operate before being insolvent. In this article, we cover how to calculate your company's runway, the advantages of a longer runway, how to extend your runway by cutting costs, and how revenue-based financing can help you build a longer runway.

SaaS Revenues: Every Founder’s Accounting Nightmare

When working with investors, solid bookkeeping efforts are more important than ever. Many startups opt for a cash model as it’s straightforward and makes sense in the context of potentially showing a larger balance in the bank, but the accrual method of accounting provides a more accurate financial snapshot at any given time.

Partner Relationship Management PRM

What Is Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Why Is it Important for SaaS Startups?

Partner relationship management (PRM) is a set of software and strategies that SaaS startups can use to create smooth relationships with business partners. Here we cover everything you need to know about PRM, and why it's important.

What is ARR

What is ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)? Definition, Formula, Examples

ARR is a key growth metric in the SaaS marketplace. We take a look at the definition, together with the formula for calculation, and some relevant examples.